Research, development and demonstration of a novel non-invasive continence management system (NICMS)



TypeHSR Project
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SummaryReview the existing NICMS and develop it into a robust and acceptable device. Review currently available female urinals and design and produce a device that is easy for disabled people to use in conjunction with the NICMS. To design appropriate day and night time pad interfaces for use with the liquid-handling system. To provide Europe wide critical testing, to produce an acceptable and reliable continence management system. The work for this proposal is divided into four phases. The exploratory phase looks at a number of features that have been identified in the previous work on the liquid handling system as needing development. These features make the device unreliable, heavy, and noisy or are not easy and economical to manufacture. These features will be investigated and solutions will be proposed. Investigations will also proceed to provide the information necessary to successfully develop three user/ device interfaces. The development phase will use information gained during the exploratory phase to develop the different elements of the non-invasive continence management system. This will involve extensive redesign of the filters, noise reduction and ergonomic improvement to the liquid handling system. The user/ device interfaces will also be developed during this phase. During the Prototyping phase, the different elements of the non-invasive continence management system will be produced using the information gathered during the two previous phases. This phase extends into the demonstration period because feedback from the testers will be used to improve the device during the course of the project. It is anticipated that the test centres will have many recommendations for improvements to the all parts of the system when they have received feedback from their test subjects. During the demonstration phase, the 20 liquid handling systems will be distributed amongst the testing partners. The devices will be tested at first on healthy volunteers before proceeding with patient testing. The demonstration non-invasive continence management systems will be clinically evaluated to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the designs. Adjustments and improvements will be made during the course of this phase.
CountriesFrance, Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom, Israel
SectorsPrimary, Hospital
TopicsHealth technology assessment
Last update date09-20-2011 11:25


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