Promoting the integration of continuous care in the hospital. The paIliative care mobile support team as a means to convey a philosophy of integrated and continuous care. Analysing medical practice and research in new integration strategies



TypeHSR Project
SummaryThe present tendency in Europe is to promote the creation of mobile support teams in Palliative care instead of residential palliative care units. Through the experience of the mobile support teams who are confronted with the full range of convictions held by persons in hospital setting, the concept of Palliative Care/Terminal Care has been reinforced/strengthened/enhanced by the Continuous Care approach, which tends to articulate curative and palliative procedures rather than setting one form of therapy against the other. The project is directed towards linter-and Plural-disciplinary research among clinicians (responsible for mobile support teams), scientific experts (university institutes) and external consultants The aim is to clarify pedagogic training strategies in communication and ethics mediation in order to promote the integration of Continuous care for chronically ill patients in hospitals. Starting from an evaluation of the present situation, the strong and weak points of the in-hospital mobile support team model we shall then proceed to study alternatives in inter-collegial and ethics mediation. We aim to translate our experiences in the field into guiding principles for future mobile support teams that will start up in Europe.
TopicsHealth Policy, Quality
Last update date09-20-2011 11:25


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