Mobi-Dev: mobile devices for healthcare applications



TypeHSR Project
SummaryMobi-Dev is a European effort which addresses the long standing and increasingly demanding need of health professionals to effectively, accurately, securely, from anywhere, anytime and in user-friendly way communicate with patients' databases located within hospitals, private offices, laboratories or pharmacies. To this end, an innovative integration of state of the art but also upcoming enabling technologies will be combined to combine the new generation mobile communication palm device for health professionals. Natural language understanding, electronic signature, smart card reader and UMTS and Bluetooth transceiver technologies will be integrated. Access restrictions and secure data transmission will be guaranteed. Mobi-Dev's marketable product will be exploited by business partners beyond the end of the Project in the European market, to the benefit of health care industry and quality of health of European citizens. Objectives: The objective of Mobi-Dev Project is to provide the new generation mobile devices for health care professionals. Mobi-Dev will ease and improve at many levels the daily routine of doctors, nurses, researchers, both inside and outside healthcare organisations, thanks to its innovative integration of new technologies, including mobile communication devices, natural language understanding and electronic signature. It will provide: .unlimited availability of patients data with the possibility to edit them any time and from everywhere; .possibility to retrieve in real time lab analysis results, without having to go to the information database storing them; .possibility to input data into structured format by direct speech in natural language; .input data authentication by electronic signature of the person that inputs them; .alarm features (early warning or red flag) which can be customised to patients clinical needs; .possibility to reuse the same Mobi-Dev by different health professionals. Work description:Mobi-Dev Project will implement a pilot of the innovative communication tool to demonstrate its feasibility and usefulness in different scenarios. Target groups are nurses and medical doctors working inside and outside the hospital premises connected with the Health Information System (HIS), GPs visiting patients home and being connected with diagnostic laboratories, pharmacies and with their own clinical databases and researchers working in epidemiological and clinical studies. The Mobi-Dev system consists of a platform with a client-server architecture integrated with SW applications. It will provide the clinical staff with portable devices (based on palm PCs) wirelessly connected to different information databases, able to perform real time data management. An Internet based system will be set up to exchange clinical data between the Mobi-Dev portable devices and various kind of relevant information databases (HIS, GPs personal databases, clinical laboratories and pharmacy databases). Web interfaces with HIS will be realised using standard database interfaces products. The palm PC with microphone will be integrated with a smart card reader, a Bluetooth transceiver and an UMTS one. Central servers will manage the mobile devices and perform the time/memory consuming tasks, as the language understanding; the smart card will permit electronic signing input data. Bluetooth connection will permit the use of Mobi-Dev inside the hospitals in conformity with the most restrictive and recent security requirements. Security and privacy issues are of the main importance for the Project and put under the strict control of well-established experts. Accordance to the user requests and market demand will be assured by users involvement in the system definition and by a user centered system evaluation. The effective marketing and exploitation of Mobi-Dev tool by the end of the Project is the highest strategic priority for the Consortium, in accordance with EU policies and SMEs interests of the Consortium. Milestones: Key aspects of the project's development will be the successful achievement of the main objectives described above (assessed in measurable way). There is the possibility to affect the information flow in the clinical management of the patient, and the hospital management and to reduce costs and to increase the efficiency, comprehensive management and quality of care for European citizens. Milestones will be in month 9, the system specification in month 18, the Language understanding tool, in month 21 the prototype ready for evaluation and by month 30 the finalised marketable product. Achievements: All expected components have been actually delivered. In commercial terms, Mobi-Dev final outcome is represented by the following full-fledged products: -Web Mobi-Dev, consisting in an Internet-based wireless mobile system with speech understanding capabilities. The latter are guaranteed by speech recognition and semantic parser software modules for natural language understanding, adapted to subsets of Italian, Spanish and UK English, to be possibly exploited as separated products. This system substantially corresponds to the project's original objectives, with the exception of UMTS support, that has not been fully tested since this technology was still in a pre-commercial stage at the end of the project lifetime. -Synch Mobi-Dev, consisting in a separated version of the Mobi-Dev system based on synchronisation, with no Internet interface and no language understanding module. This version, whose implementation was decided after specific requirements by some partners of the consortium, characterises as a product by itself, suitable to penetrate market segments otherwise unavailable to the web-based system.
CountriesGreece, Italy, Spain
SectorsPrimary, Hospital
Last update date09-20-2011 11:25


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