Learning from international networks about errors and understanding safety in primary care



TypeHSR Project
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SummaryThe Linneaus collaboration co-ordination action will specifically address issues related to patient safety through: The development of a taxonomy of adverse events and errors and an instrument to asses safety culture and leadership in the primary care setting. This will enable the development of tools which are already being used at a national level for bench marking and comparative analysis at the European level. Identifying best clinical practice and the way that it improves patient safety through an understanding of decision making and medication errors in primary care which we have already identified as a major area contributing to adverse events and errors. Achieve consensus on the measurement of safety culture in the primary care context and develop agreement on indicators which can be used to assess improvements in safety culture. Enhancing existing knowledge from quality improvement techniques which are widely used in the primary care setting and in which members of the collaboration have extensive experience and applying these to learning cycles for improvements in patient safety. Building up an existing network into a pan European network which will extend the current knowledge and experience from countries where the importance of patient safety is nationally recognised, ensure that there is an appropriate focus on primary care and encourage co-operation and collaboration for future interventions through large scale trials. As a result of obtaining the EU Framework 7 grant, we are now in a position to extend and develop the LINNEAUS - PC collaboration at the European Level. Through this co-ordination activity, we will aim to substantially increase the level of activity in patient safety in primary care. We will do this by sharing information through workshops and seminars. We will develop common initiatives for improving patient safety in primary care through a greater understanding of diagnostic and medication errors and safety culture. We will collaborate in developing a taxonomy for patient safety so that we can develop a Europe wide classification system of the categorisation of errors that occur in primary care enabling the development of norms, standards and guidelines for detecting and learning from patient safety problems to reduce risks for future patients. We will also disseminate the knowledge that we will gain through working collaborations involving partners from countries where there is lack of evidence of good practice in patient safety, linking them with healthcare workers and researchers from countries which have developed national and institutional commitment to patient safety
CountriesAustria, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom, United States of America, New Zealand, Australia, Canada
SectorsPrimary, Hospital
Last update date09-20-2011 11:25


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