TypeHSR Project
SummaryThe goal of HEALTH MEMORY is to set up an intelligent collaborative work environment for the Management of Health Knowledge and Competence in the context of large health care systems. The first knowledge domain addressed by the project will be Cardiology. The IT platform proposed is designed in order to facilitate the transactions of knowledge and competence between health care experts and operators and to support the professionals in taking evidence-based decisions at the point of need. In an "Ambient Intelligence" vision, HEALTH MEMORY will work on the development of meta-content services to improve information handling and knowledge management to support new forms of health organisations based upon learning environments and community memory. The core of the system will be a portal web site that will comprise many services concerning transactions of knowledge. Among the technical objectives of the HEALTH MEMORY project is to exploit the use of state-of-the-art technologies thus reducing and minimizing potential development risks. Transactions will be implemented using JAVA and the technology of Intelligent Agents. The knowledge repository (KR) of the platform will be implemented as an Ontology that for the use cases experimented in the project will contain information about the discipline of Cardiology. A Document Repository will contain scientific documentation. HEALTH MEMORY will support the establishment of a dynamic network of expertise. Every scientific term in the Ontology and every published document in the portal web site, will contain the name of the source (expert) and the names of the Experts in the Validation Board, for IPR and validation purposes. Consequently, the end user will be informed about the source of knowledge in order to establish a direct relationship with the expert that provided him with the specific information. So, the two (or more) experts will be able to establish a direct network of expertise by exchanging information on specific aspects of their discipline. Furthermore, a User Interface will be designed and implemented for a Validation / Authorization and Maintenance Board of Experts. This Advisory Board of experts will be responsible for authorising the User who adds knowledge in the KR. Additionally, they will be responsible for the Validation of the Knowledge, so that they will be able to maintain the KR. The Validation of Knowledge and the Maintenance of the KR are two vital tasks, because the information in the KR is highly critical for the society.
CountriesGreece, Italy, Spain
SectorsPrimary, Hospital
Last update date09-20-2011 11:25


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