Electronic Medical Records for Health Indicator Data



TypeHSR Project
SummaryGeneral objectives: The project aims to use data collected in emr during operational routines in primary care, to provide data on four health indicator conditions (the incidence and prevalence of diabetes, the prevalence of ischaemic heart disease and the burden of mental illness presented to primary care). The Health Information Strand of the Public Health Programme under the previous EC Public Health Action Programme (1998-2002) defined a set of health indicators and reviewed the role of sentinel practice networks in providing data. Data must be captured cost effectively. Many medical practices working in primary care settings use emr in which morbidity data from all consultations are systematically computerised. This project examines the data collected in practice networks to define best recording practice. Strategic relevance and contribution to the public health programme Community Action I the field of Public Health (2003-2008) - Strand I: Health Information, Priority 2.2.5: eHealth.Improving information and knowledge for the development of public health. Methods and means: Meeting of representative practice networks already recording morbidity data routinely in emr at the point of consultation (meeting to include input from DG information society) to identify additional participants. To define work plan and task responsibility. - Programme of site visits to investigate recording methods with a view to identifying best practice. - Extraction and analysis of data from practice networks covering two twelve month periods in relation to the 4 indicator conditions with appropriate commentary. - Meeting for practice based networks in process of developing the use of the electronic patient record in order to disseminate best recording practice. Expected outcomes: 1. Report on site visits - this is primarily an internal document but essential for the meeting in which we will promote best practice. 2. Report on the first year's data on the 4 health indicator conditions. 3. Report on best practices in the use of emr for obtaining health indicator data. 4. Final report on 4 health indicator conditions.
CountriesBelgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom
Last update date09-20-2011 11:25


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