Advanced Visual InterFACEs for timely Retrieval of Patient Related Information



TypeHSR Project
SummaryINFACE is an IST e-health project that produces a user-friendly, visual, multilingual platform for the querying, retrieval and manipulation of health related information available at the Internet, ensuring that health professionals have easy, direct, convenient and flexible web access to the entity of the world-widely available medical recourses through a web browser, using almost any of the currently available communicating and browsing devices. The system facilitates the healthcare professionals to search effectively for and retrieve qualitative customized patient-related information regardless the original format and language of the source. It is supported by the innovative INFACE Ontology that depicts the breast cancer disorders' domain - the pilot application domain of the project - and is responsible for the conceptual characteristics of the system. The user's query is supported by the intelligent Visual Query Builder and if necessary handled by the Voice Recognition Module or the content-based Multimedia Resources Recognition Subsystem, depending on the nature of the input format: text, voice or a multilingual source. Keywords extraction occurs at the Natural Language Processing Module and the outcome is passed for matching to the Indices' Repository of the system where information fetched by the internet is stored. The results are filtered in accordance to the dynamically updated profile of the user and then presented in a visual manner that permits further manipulation. Security issues are carefully considered and standardization is achieved through the use of MEDCIN.
CountriesBelgium, Cyprus, France, Greece, United Kingdom
SectorsPrimary, Hospital
Last update date09-20-2011 11:25


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